CVS offers a variety of ways for you to save money every week, such as ExtraCare Bucks, Sales, Store Coupons, and they also accept Manufacturers’ Coupons. The following is a list of tips for using ExtraCare Bucks to save money at CVS:

  • In order to get the best deals at CVS, you’ll need a free CVS ExtraCare Card. You can sign up for one in store or online. Make sure you always have your card with you, everyone in your house has a card with the same number, and you always have the cashier scan it (preferably before they begin scanning your purchases).
  • The CVS ExtraCare Program provides shoppers with ExtraCare Bucks (ECBs) that print out at the end of your receipt, after you purchase qualifying items. ECBs are similar to coupons and are a dollar amount that can be used on your next CVS purchase. CVS will offer a certain amount of ECBs if you buy certain items, and these offers are available weekly and monthly. You can use ECBs on your next purchase just like cash (with a few exceptions, such as stamps and giftcards. The fine print on the ECB will provide more detail on the exclusions.)
  • Keep your ExtraCare Bucks! You will need them when you make your next purchase. Keep them as safe as you would cash, because they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Think about the ECBs like cash and don’t let them go to waste!
  • Look for deals that give you the most ECBs for the littlest amount of money. Stacking a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon on a sale item is a great way to do this, so be on the lookout for products that generate ECBs that you also have a coupon(s) for. CVS coupons may also print at the end of your receipt and are also available online. You can “stack” one store coupon with one manufacturer’s coupon for each item and then use them on products that are generating ECBs for even greater savings!
  • When you redeem ECBs, keep in mind that if the ECB is more than the total, you don’t get cash back. The cashier can manually input the total, but you’ll lose out this way, so try to make your total due as close to the ECBs you have to cash in as possible.
    • Ex: Your total is $10. You have $11 in ECBs to redeem. The cashier will accept the ECBs, but reduce them to match your total, so you do not get the extra $1. You can add something (maybe candy or a travel sized item) that costs $1 to make your total equal the $11 in ECBs.
  • There are weekly and monthly deals that will generate ECBs that print at the end of your receipt when you purchase the advertised product. Weekly deals are advertised in weekly fliers and monthly deals are advertised in the monthly ECB booklet, which is available in stores. There are also quarterly ECBs – these are different. Quarterly ECBs print once every three months and are based on 2% of your total quarterly spending.
  • Game Plan:
    • Review your local CVS ad (you can sign up on to have the weekly ad sent to your email address).
    • Determine which products you need to buy that week that will generate an ECB (*Tip: If the ECB generated is the same as the purchase price for the item, its like getting the item for free!)
    • Once you have paid for the item out of pocket and earned an ECB, you can then use the new ECB to pay for your next transaction.
    • The goal is to continue rolling over your ECBs in order to pay the least amount out of pocket as possible. If you do this, you should always be able to use the ECBs you earned from your previous transaction to buy something in the next transaction that will also earn you ECBs.
  • Example:
    • Crest toothpaste, On Sale $2.49, ECB $2.49
    • You use a $1 off Crest toothpaste manufacturer’s coupon
    • You spend $1.49 and receive $2.49 in ECBs which can be used on your next purchase!
  • There is often a limit on how many items you can buy per ExtraCare Card that will generate ECBs. This will be stated in the weekly ad or monthly ECB booklet.
  • The system is complicated, but it is definitely worth it! Let me know if you have any tips or shopping trips to share with us!

Also, CVS now has a special deal when you use reusable bags. Buy a GreenBagTag at CVS for $0.99; Attach it to any reusable bag; Present the tag, reusable bag, and ExtraCare card with your purchase; and EARN $1 Extra Buck on your receipt every 4th visit!


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